Kevin Albritton Invert Winner

I’d like to thank everybody that submitted a pic, it was awesome checking all the different style inverts. I know some won’t agree with my choices but that would happen no matter what. We got some awesome submissions from out of the country and from some riders that are already sponsored by other companies, and I wanted the prizes to go to somebody who isn’t hooked up already. I also based my choices on the photo quality as well as the invert.  The overall feeling of the picture. That being said here’s my favorite pic: I chose this pic of Kevin Albritton for the win. I really love the classic style of this photo. This pic would have been sick 20 some years ago in the pages of Freestyin’ or GO.  It will be just as awesome 20 years from now in whatever format kids are looking at in the future – Jason Enns Click more to see full pic and to see the runners up.

Runners Up
Andy Fitzgerrell
Eric Bahlman
Mike Payne needs a mention because all his pics were amazing, also really like Cody Glanzer pic as well.



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  • Mike Payne

    Kevin congrats and great photo, Jason you had a tough job and defininitely made a great choice. Thanks, I’m glad you are as pumped on my inverts as I am.


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