We recently added Jp to our Volume team and wanted to get a rundown of his new Volume Dinosaur build as well as ask him some quick questions. Check out his setup and get a little insight into what’s up with Jp right now! 

Frame: Volume Bikes Dinosaur frame, 21” TT
Fork: Volume Bikes Voyager Fork
Bars: Volume Voyager Bar 9” rise
Stem: Volume Barboza Stem
Grips: Merritt’s new Itsy Grip.
Cranks: Merritt Battle Cranks, 170 mm
Sprocket: 30 Tooth Utility sprocket courtesy of Bryan Babbel at The Secret
Seat: Demolition Chris Doyle Anthem Seat baby!
Post: Merritt Pivotal Post
Wheels: Merritt Battle Rims, Non Stop Merritt hub up front, Profile in the rear!
Tires: Merritt Brian Foster signature tires- 2.35
Pegs: I honestly couldn’t tell ya because they’re so old, but they’re metal!

Modifications: I don’t do too many modifications to my bike. I am pretty indecisive though, haha. I like to switch between 2, 3, and 4 pegs. I like to throw on a set of brakes on occasion. Little things here and there. Keeps it interesting and makes ya look at spots differently!

What originally got you into riding and what pushed you to bring your riding to a more serious level?
I grew up in New Jersey and had a few buddies that got me into riding. I have a friend who had an older brother who rode, and I pretty much wanted to do whatever that dude did no matter what it was haha. Shoutout to Bryan Ketcham! Years and years after that I started riding Temecula skatepark and venturing out to different spots and whatnot. I think that definitely helped bring my riding to a bit more of a serious level. I also can’t forget all of my friends who have pushed me along the way. Hilario Olivos, Tyler Veatch and I have pushed each other since the day we all met and if it weren’t for them who knows where I’d be right now. Love those boys!

What riders did you look up to when you were young? What pro riders do you look up to now?
Oh jeez, almost too many to name! In my younger years, I looked up to dudes such as Scotty Cranmer, Randy Taylor, Mikey Babbel, Garrett Nilsson, Garrett Reynolds of course, Dennis Enarson, Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, too many more haha. I still look up to all of them today, but I look up to a lot more Pros now. To name a few, I’d have to go with Justin Spriet, Chase Dehart, Dan Foley, Simone Barraco, and Matt Cordova. I’m also super into watching Props and older videos, so I’m heavily influenced by a ton of people that were in those nowadays. That question really got me thinkin!

You seem to be pretty all-around but what would you say you like to ride the most?
I love shredding anything and everything for sure. But I would say I’ve really taken a liking to riding street. Something about finding spots and getting down on them with your homies never gets old!

It looks like there is a solid amount of good riders coming out of Temec/Murr/Fee area. Is there something in the water & can you spare some?
Haha, yeah there’s a bunch of guys out of the 951 who kill it. Either something funky is in the water, or it’s that there ain’t shit else to do out here! I’m stoked that the scene is so good here, it seemed like it was dying out for a bit a few years ago but it’s definitely thriving now!

You probably hear it every day but, what’s the story behind riding cassette over coaster?
I knew this was coming… haha. I actually have ridden a coaster a couple of different times, but I always want to put a cassette back on after a few days of riding it. I find myself not using it for what it’s meant to be used for if that makes sense. I just like having pedal pressure i suppose! Also, who doesn’t love the sound of a nice clicker wheel?!

Are there any projects you’re working on right now?
Yeah, I’m working on a few right now! I’ve been putting in some work on a video part for Ends Footwear, and another for Merritt BMX. Both are just about wrapped up! Also, a video for VOLUME BIKES will be underway real soon…

What are you most excited about with this new sponsorship?
I’m just stoked to get to film and ride dope stuff with the rest of the Volume boys! The dudes are all unreal on bikes, so I seriously can’t wait to get to work and go in with those guys!

Anything you want to add?
I’d just like to give a big ol’ thank you to everyone at Volume for giving me this opportunity! I’m beyond stoked to be a part of such a sick brand, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future. I also want to thank Bryan Babbel at The Secret BMX Shop, Ricky Lopez and Mike Brennan over at Merritt for keeping me rolling, all of my ThankYouAF brothers, Jacob and Joel of Ends, and Curt for giving me this dope interview! By the way, support your local bike shop.=)

Don’t forget to follow Jp on Instagram: @jprossbmx

Photos by Bryan Willison.