180 Distribution aka Kevin Rust just put up this cool new bike check up on our own Josh Clemens from their shop stop in Bakersfield a couple weeks back.

“On our recent Volume Shop Stop trip I pulled a couple of the team riders aside as awkwardly as I possibly could and snapped some photos of their bikes. I’ve always loved bike checks to see what every pro is riding, and my favorite part has always been the quirks each rider has with how they set their bike up….First up, I present you Josh Clemens’s bike. Being from Oregon, Josh has that Northwest USA style and a rich artistic eye that absolutely comes out in his ride. Now to be completely honest, I was a little late with this and Josh built up a brand new ride yesterday to test out some new Volume products, so this is a day old, but he did ride this one for over a year so it’s fully Josh & his personality. Click More to go through the gallery, see what parts made up his bike, and what he’s OCD on.” – 180 Dist

Name: Josh Clemens
Age: 22
Sponsors: Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts, & Gonracin BMX

Frame: Volume Broc Raiford Vessel 21″ Frame
Bars: Volume 9″ Mad Dog 4pc Bars
Forks: Volume Broc Raiford V2 Anchor Forks
Grips: Volume VLM Flangeless Vex Grips
Stem: Volume VLM 50mm Reach Stem
Headset: Demolition V2 Headset
Front Tire: Demolition Prototype
Rear Tire: Demolition Prototype
Front Wheel: Demolition Bulimia V2 Hub X Zero rim Wheel
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rogue hub X Zero rim Wheel
Front Hub Guards: Demolition Slider Plastic Guards (Out Late April)
Rear Hub Guards: Demolition Rotator V2 NDS Guard & Demolition Prototype DS Guard
Chain: Volume VLM Half-Link Chain
Sprocket: Demolition Markit 28t Sprocket
Pedals: Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals
Cranks: Demolition Dennis Enarson Rig 24mm 170mm Cranks…I recently made the move to smaller cranks and it makes a world of difference. I’ll never go back to 175’s again!
Bottom Bracket: Demolition 24mm Mid BB
Seat: Volume VLM Seat
Seat Post: Volume VLM Post
(Are you Pivotal or Tripod? Tripod forever!
Seat Clamp: Integrated
Pegs: 4 Demolition Bi Polar Aluminum/Nylon 4.2″ Pegs
Brakes or Shoes: I currently am riding in the Etnies Jameson MT & Etnies Marana’s. Love em!!

How would you best describe your bike?
My bike is an extension of myself I guess… sounds kinda corny but its true, so I guess I just like to give it my own flavor with stickers and what not and try to give it some personality and make it feel the way I want I to.

What are some of the first things you do when you’ve just built a new bike?
I don’t really do a lot to a new bike, I try to just get used to everything how it is, or maybe I’m just lucky that everything that Volume & Demolition make already feels awesome in my opinion straight off the shelf. but most of the time I’ll cut my bars to about 28” or 28.5… depending on how straight I can cut them or how my measurement skills are haha

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I’m really particular about air pressure. I have to run about 60 psi, maybe a little less when im riding street. But I do like to keep it at that happy medium, for skate park cruising and riding street. I also cannot stand having a tight chain haha, that might sound weird but I hate when my chain is real tight and it feels like my cranks are stuck. It’s got to be loose and feel smooth or I cant ride it….and it helps for crank flips of course 😉 haha

What makes this bike your ride? Or, how do you think this bike captures your personality?
I guess when you build up a new bike they are all  pretty much the same in the sense that its all new, but when you have a bike for months on months it starts to get beat up from the way you ride or what you ride. I feel like that’s what makes it MY bike. Obviously having a brand new bike is amazing, but nothing beats having the same bike for 6 months to a year and just remembering all the stuff you’ve done and where you’ve been on it and it always feels great after you’ve broken it in. There’s dents and scratches from myself and no one else, and is almost a reflection of how I ride and where ive been. Also like I said before, I like to throw random stickers and what not on there to give it my own personality.

What’s your most memorable story or trick on this bike?
I guess for me the most memorable moment on this bike was getting to travel a ton and film for Volume One. I had so much fun last year with the volume guys and we rode so many different spots all over the west coast. It’s just cool to look back at my bike and try and remember all the places it has been. I love this bike, but its about time for a new one here soon. Lots of good memories on this baby. I think I’ve had this frame for a little over a year, it’s a champ!

I noticed you have some cloth on your seat tube. Does that have any significance? Is is a friendship bracelet for a special lady, or a Native American charm to ward off evil spirits?
Haha! It is actually neither of those, and it really has no significance. Its was just a belt that broke and it looks cool, so I tied it to my frame and hasn’t fallen off yet haha. I like it a lot though, I’ll probably tie another one to my new frame now.





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