Jason Enns Update.

Jason And I have been hard at work filming for the split edit of the century with Demolition teammate Biz Jordan. The above photo is a polejam into an empty pool at an abandoned water park, and shot by none other than Mike Escamilla with his GoPro 3….not bad ey? To check out more photos and how my iPhone matches up in quality, check below…

Rails for breakfast, no problem. This photo is a bit deceiving though considering Jason actually went up the rail. At the end of the session here we walked away with two dope uprail clips in the bag. If you know Jason’s riding well, you probably know that he’s literally never touched more than one other uprail in his life, so this was a treat for sure.

This setup was amazing! After a couple bails and a VERY close call with my lens, Jason fired out this handicapped rail to gap over the L like it was nothin’. Great Success.



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