Jason Enns’ Then and Now

You can always learn a lot from a person from reading where their head was at 15 years ago and where they’re now in life.  I always dug these Then & Now features and thought we’d kick one off with the one and only, Jason Enns.  Hope you like it as much as we did making it. Pics by: Brian Castillo & Mike Escamilla.  Click images to go big and click here to read it all!  

1999: 22
2014: 37

1999: First edition Volume Hellion
2014: Volume Cerberus

Resides In:
1999: Fresh new resident to Vancouver BC Canada
2014: Horsetown USA Norco California

Dreams Of:
1999: Moving to California
2014: Living mortgage free

Things to look forward to:
1999: Finishing my daily shift at Boston Pizza
2014: Waking up and not being sore

Outside of Riding:
1999: No such thing
2014: Pitbulls/NHL

Best Part About BMX:
1999: Being outside with good friends
2014: Being ouside with great friends

Things to Shoot (riding):
1999: Invert
2014: empty pools

Favorite Band/ Artist to Listen to:
1999: Hot Water Music
2014: Been on a Dinosaur Jr. binge lately

2014: Tunnel tooth

What Gets you Stoked:
1999: A 6ft mini ramp w/spine
2014: Any new spot/pool/bike friendly skatepark

Mode of Transportation:
1999: Stock 1996 Chevy 1500 w/t single cab long box
2014: Dropped 1996 Chevy 1500 w/t single cab long box on 24’s

Habits (good or bad)
1999: Fast food
2014: Never answering my phone

Best Thing You Own:
1999: 1996 Chevy 1500
2014: My humble home

Biggest Fear:
1999: Y2K
2014: American health care

Worst trend/fad in BMX:
1999: Tiny handlebars, giant jeans/ shoes, multi bolt seat clamps, motorcycle chains, bike riders wanting to be skateboarders
2014: Giant handlebars, long socks with tiny shorts, thinking any random set of stairs is a spot, bike riders that want to be skateboarders

Beer of choice:
1999: Budweiser
2014: Budweiser Light

Riders who get you stoked:
1999: Dave Osato, Jay Miron, Dave Young, Kris Bennett and Mike Escamilla,
2014: Broc Raiford, Drew Hoss, Craig Passero, Garret Reeves and Mike Escamilla

BMX media/ medium you look at most:
1999: RideBmx magazine
2014: Instagram

1999: Pedro hop



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