Jason Enns Mini Horse Check.

While riding with Jason the other day, I got a chance to meet the newest addition to the Enns household, his mini horse Oscar. Check the specs below! Photo courtesy of Devin Feil.

Name: Street name: Oscar. Show name: Little Renegade.

Age: 6 horse years.

Height: 33inches.

Weight: Approx 200-250 lbs.

Horse Tube Length: 25 inches, pretty much the industry standard…

Approx length of tail stays: 30″ stock, and about 27-8″ when braided.

Diet: A few handfuls of orchard hay throughout the day, then a mixed cup of Triple Crown grain and rolled alfalfa pellets in the morning and evening…keeps him “hot” for the trails and carting.

Type of shoes & shoe size: I’ve got him running AU natural at the moment. Horseshoe size- mini, of course.

Does your mini horse currently have a shoe sponsor? Not yet but I’ve been working on getting him hooked up with the pump Reebucks, but if that doesn’t work out we’ve got a prototype Mini Lotek vulcanized boot for him we might go ahead with…

What products does your mini horse go thru the most? Feed and shavings. Little bastard loves to pee in his bed.

Describe the relationship between your mini horse and your full size horse: They are mostly just good companions till Ari(full size) is in heat, then it can be a sexually violent exchange. Lots of biting, kicking, squealing and squirting…

Has Dave Dilleward ever tried to ride your mini horse? Not while sober.

Funniest thing you’ve ever seen your mini horse do: Pretty much everything he does is funny, but I laugh the hardest every time he’s running around with his giant dong out.

If you had to pick one rider on the Volume team who most strongly resembles your mini horse, who would it be and why? I would probably would say Matty Long, only because they have very similar styled manes…



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