Jason Enns Filming Update.

I’ve been putting in the horse-country hours lately with Jason and Demolition teammate Biz Jordan for their upcoming split edit. Filming with Jason is always a treat because much like the rest of the Volume team, he has great taste in tricks and spots…not to mention prime sandwich spots. Between the two of them, the timeline is looking pretty epic so far and I can’t wait to get it poppin! Shouts to Dave Dilleward of DillsyPhoto for the above snap. Click below for more Enns goodness…

Like I said above, the man’s got spots! iPhone snap minutes before Jason bangs out an over the L to extremely quick dubbs hard 180.

The frustration of ripping your pants far, far from home…

Jason putting in work literally 50 feet from his front door. We walked away with two equally dope clips on this spot, both involving the blue benches and some alley-oop trickery around the telephone pole.

I’m not really sure why I’m putting this in here, but we all love Jeff Z…so here is he is from the session the other day polishing up his TR-Z 900. Fun fact: Jason was shipped one of these cameras to film his section in Criminal Mischief roughly 27 years ago.

We’ll be back…



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