Jason Enns’ Cerberus Bike Check

Going on 14 years of being pro and 5 (Destroyer, Death Wish, Ends and Destroyer Reissue)  signature frames for Volume Bikes, Jason Enns paid his dues 10 fold.  The man has seen every trend come and go in riding, bikes, and anything else in bmx.  Jason is one rider that has progressed more than ever over the years and his bikes have always progressed right along with him.  His 4th signature frame, called the Cerberus will be coming out the end of this month and really wanted to show it all off with a proper bike check and questions. Be sure to check out all of the Cerberus’ specs HERE. All pics by Joey Cobbs

Name: Jason J. Enns

Location: Horsetown USA! Norco, CA

Sponsors: Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts & Lotek Footwear

Frame: Volume Cerberus

Fork: Volume Drew Hoss’ signature Hatchet

Bars: Demo Dennis Enarson Open Bars

Stem: Volume Staple

Grips: Volume Jason Enns sig

Bar ends: plastic

Headset: Demolition

Seat post: Demolition pivotal

Seat: Blk on Blk Markit

Cranks: Boss-less Sample Demolition Revolt

Sprocket: 23t splined Mugatu

Chain: KMC 410

Front Tire: 2.35 Momentum

Front Wheel: 36h Demolition w female Ghost hub

Rear Tire: 2.35 Momentum

Rear Wheel: 36h Demolition sample LHD 8t

Pedals: Trooper PC

Hub Guard: 2 plastic BSD up front, Primo Plastic drive side and BSD plastic rear non drive side

Pegs: 4 Demolition Dumbchucks

How’s your Summer been? You’re fully healed and back riding 100% now?

Summer has been hot as always. Im back riding and the knee is getting better but still have a lot of work to do before I’m back 100%. Doc says my knee will continue to be healing anywhere from 12 to 18 months. I’m just shy of 6 months post-op now, so I’m stoked to be riding already.

Your new signature frame, the Cerberus is about to drop.  How’d you come up with that name?

Names are always the hardest thing. I’ve always enjoyed the imagery associated with Cerberus (mythical 3 headed dog that guards the gates to hell) and thought it could be a cool theme to run with.

Any special features on the frame you wanna talk about or really wanted to have?

I really like the built in chain tensioners, if you run four pegs it makes rear wheel adjustment too easy and your wheel will never shift. Its got a real steep headtube angle for quick steering response and also a little bit wider bottom bracket shell to make more room to run as big of tire as you want in the rear with plenty of clearance.

You especially have seen the frame progression in the last 14 years of being a pro and having signature frames, what do you foresee being the “next big thing”? 

It seems to be coming full circle. Back to tall stand over heights and not trying to overly slim everything down. I like to see things getting back to basics again. Good to see a lot less money bumps and gimmicks.

I know Mastroni and you are working on a new promo for the frame too, how’s that coming along?

Its coming, we got a few clips so far. Its def gonna have a more chill vibe, I’m still having a bit of trouble with the knee on street with hops and impacts. We’re focusing on fun clips, chill clips, pools, tranny and anything that’s low impact for the knee.

You have anything else planned for the rest of the year? 

Get healthy and back to 100% and go hard on my full part for the upcoming Volume video




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