Jason Enns Bike Check

I met up with Jason last weekend and shot a quick bike check! Jason is the man! Check it out after the jump!

Name: Jason Jeremy Enns
Age: 35
Where are you from? Norco Ca, by the way of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Who do you normally ride with? Biz,Dillewaard, Rooftop when he’s in town
Any big plans for the rest of the year? Try not to move again before the end of the year and put in some serious work on my Volume and Lotek sections,
What modifications have you done to your bike? Got the back wheel running with dual hub guards, took a bit of rigging, but got it so you dont have to spread the frame at all, and also rigged up some front plastic hub guards, well they are not really hub guards, more gap fillers between the dropout and cone nuts, other than that, all stock.

Give us the run down of your bike? try to keep everything as simple and stock as possible,
Frame: Destroyer 10 year anniversary
Fork: blk mambas
Bars: Volume Alpha Bars cut down to 29 inches
Stem: Demolition Keystone Doyle sig
Seat/seatpost: Slim D seat with a Volume pivotiol post
Chain: the cheapest kmc
Front wheel: Blk demolition phantom momentum tires
Rear wheel: Demolition 8t sample hub with zero rim momentum tire
Cranks: 175 revolts with 23t spline drive F1 sprocket
Pegs: 4 Dumbchucks
Anything I forgot: running the best grips ever made, my volume sig grips, grab some for yourself and see



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