Infantry Complete Trails Session With Matt Cordova.


Alex Platt and I made the trek out to the trails the other day to hang out with Volume’s style god Matt Cordova, and get some complete bike footy with him on the new Infantry. It was pretty crazy watching Matt get down on his home turf, and also how insanely fast he got used to his new ride for the day. Once again this bad boy will be available very soon along with the District model at finer BMX retailers worldwide…so start bugging your local shop if you haven’t already. Click here for more photos of Matt and Platt looking sexy courtesy of Joey Cobbs….
Gasin up the whip.

Matt was telling me how him and his friends built these jumps in only 5 days or something…pretty impressive. I can’t say I ride trails, (or that I even know that much about building a dirt jump in general) but they look totally awesome and are most certainly groomed to perfection. Watching Matt shred these things and making it look entirely too easy really made me tempted to give it a shot.

Project Platt on the other hand can’t resist a challenge. Little known fact about Platt is that he grew up riding trails on the east coast, and although he may not have jumped the whole line, he proved his roots with a wild x-up over the last one.



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