Hoss’ 2015 Bike Check

With everything new coming out lately from Volume and Demolition and a new year upon us, our man Drew Hosselton decided to build up a new whip.  He runs you through all his current parts and what he likes and more.  Hit more to see/ read it all.

Frame: Volume Bermuda V2 Signature trans blue 21″

Fork: Volume Signature Hatchet

Bars: Volume Signature Barista 9″

Stem: Volume VLM 50mm

Grips: Volume VLM

Headset: Demolition Integrated w/ tall spacers

Seatpost: VLM Tripod

Seat: VLM The Finer Things

Cranks: Demolition Rig 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Demolition Mid

Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu 25t

Chain: VLM Half Link

Front Tire: Demolition 2.35 Machete

Front Wheel: Bulimia/ Zero hoop (inside lace)

Rear Tire: Demolition Momentum 2.35

Rear Wheel: Demolition RotatoR Freecoaster/ Zero hoop

Pedals: Demolition Trooper PC

Pegs: Demolition CRMO Team (rear)/ Dumbchuck (front)

Guards: Demolition Rotator and a homemade half cut drive side one. None in the front.

When building up a new bike, what pet peeves do you have about your bike that you must have just right or a certain way?
From working in shops over the years I have gotten pretty particular about my bike set-up. I am pretty set in my ways with my set-up so out of the box I know just where an how I want everything. I get pretty anal with stuff working perfectly, nothing can make a noise or be out of adjustment

Can we say that the blue scheme is done with this year for your colorway?  What do you think of all the wild colors companies are doing these days for parts/ completes?
Blue is by far my favorite color, though after this year it’s definitely run its course. That said, this is probably my favorite color combo that I have had this far, definitely my most visually appealing bike I have had. Bikes have gotten to the point where they have almost reached the ceiling of how much better they can be. A lot of companies have a bike and frames of similar quality, so from there color is the last great selling point on a bike. It is what it is, though I think it’s cool bikes are a lot more colorful than the days straight black and chrome. Some look pretty bad, but some are pretty eye catching which hopefully might get a kid or two into bmx.

Now that your The Finer Things DVD part is done, do you have any other big projects in the works?
I always like to have a project to work on, so even now I just finished the biggest project of my life I already have a couple others lined up. I’m working on a Demolition parts edit with my good friend Greg Moliterno, traveling all over Arizona and riding all the cool spots Arizona has the offer. I have also been given the opportunity to work on a new video part with Jeff Zielinski and Ride BMX which should be finished up in a couple of months. It’s kind of a lot to have on my plate, especially after finishing a DVD section but I like to stay busy, ha ha

Hoss Bike Check: Weird Al Curl



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