Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Drew just sent over some photos of himself riding an amazing looking mini halfpipe that was left out near some dam out in the middle of nowhere in AZ. Leave it to Drew to find em and do one last session on em before they were ruined by the man. Photos by Erik Hilburn. Click more to see one more and Drew’s writeup on em.
“These concrete forms have been laying at the base of the Tempe town lake dam that they were building on for a while now. Security cameras and some rather threatening, “federal no trespassing” signs have for the most kept these pipes off limits. Once the concrete had been poured these had been discarded far enough away from the construction site that we figured we could get a session in without ending up in cuffs. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Erik Hilburn and I ventured down and got some runs in before a hasty retreat. They ended up being a more janky and tight than expected, but still worth the risk just for a few runs. I’m sure by now they are bound for the landfill, but for a brief moment they were our private skatepark.” – Drew



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