Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 6.

Here we are, the un-official last day of the Ghost Town Fools trip. We started off by further exploring our surroundings in Gerome…

The ultimate hipster tourist Z with his panoramic camera and a cup of coffee. It was about 11 am and the daily tourist intake was starting to become a real problem for successfully getting anything done. Luckily Bahlman was able to get a clip right on the main street before we were forced to move along.

We saw signs signs for a “ghost town” approximately a mile up the road from Gerome which actually turned out to be this crazy ass place where a lone mountian man has been collecting tons of old vehicles, machinery, mining & blacksmith shit, etc. New Volume van anyone?

This place was a trip! They even had a Donkey…

After our touristy morning we embarked on an amazing drive from Gerome up thru Sedona & Flagstaff to get to our undisclosed pool destination.

It’s pretty hard to not have a good time when you get to do stuff like this on a BMX trip. Killer view at Red Rock state park (I think).

Arrived at destination. Drew had put in work and scoped out this pool to ride before the trip, and had a couple moves in mind for us. This thing was super tight but it didn’t seem to phase him one bit!

The middle of effin nowhere. Apparently this was some sort of summer camp (with a K?) that someone thought would be a good idea to just stick off a random freeway exit. Obviously it didn’t last too long, but I guess that’s a great thing for our kind.

Respect the pool.

After we all clipped up and the sun was on it’s way down, Bahlman decided to break out the fire arms and we all took turns shooting spray paint cans. Man stuff, man. Thus concludes our ghostly adventures, and the beginning a long drive back to Phoenix, and California. See ya next time AZ!



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