Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 5.


For all you following closely out there, sorry for the spaced out updates! I’d like to say something like “man shit got so wild…we got lost in the desert with no internet for days …” but really we were just doing too much driving and riding to get to a computer. Anyway, Day 5: Gerome, Arizona…


Leave it to Bahlman to be like “Oh hey guys, we’re going on a long drive?…we should probably bring guns.” Ballz and Jeff getting G’d up in the back of the van.


On our way up north, we decided to stop and give this abandoned building a look which was right off the highway next to Drew’s hometown. We took the requisite “pro walk” in there to scope her out. Little did we know we’d be spending a good 3 plus hours here…


This place was fucking sick! I’m not exactly sure what it used to be, but it was filled with tons of these plastic chair backs (which definitely doubled as freebees) plus counter tops, graffiti walls, a killer pole jam, and lots of fun stuff to play with.


Class clowns.

Guess we weren’t the first ones to do some cool stuff in this building. Raban and Broc both got two amazing photos with Jeff that involved getting creative with all this old stuff. I on the other hand tried a polejam to wallride next to this wall for like and hour and a half, and ended up impaling right above my asshole on the pole, and walked away with a giant hole in my pants/underwear/butt…extremely unhappy and dehydrated.

After some killer burritos and tons of sketchy switchback roads up the mountain, we made it to Gerome. The population on this sign is missing, but its honestly not much more than the mile marker.

We up here.

Gerome was by far the coolest, most welcoming place we as a team have ever been! As the light dimmed, we spent our time pedaling around town looking for some little nuggets to ride and being tourists. I had this wheel ride-over in mind that Drew had found for me before-hand, but we weren’t sure if it was do-able because it was right on the main strip in front of a bar and a gift shop. To our surprise the locals not only were down, but stood outside and cheered us on, then bought us drinks at the bar afterwards. Amazing!

We we’re really sure what we were gonna do for a hotel in this tiny little town, then we met this dude Jeff and some of his friends at the bar who told us we could crash at their art gallery right down the street. Perfect right? This guy was hilarious. He didn’t know anyone in the place, went up on stage and borrowed some lady’s guitar, then played a very entertaining “I’m still drunk” freestyle ballard and killed it!

Broc admiring some art before retiring for the night…



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