Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 3.


Where the hell do I even start? We are having entirety too much fun on this trip! From visiting the most interesting abandoned buildings, to hiking up mountains in the middle of nowhere, to mobbing thru rivers in the van…the ghost town part of the trip has officially begun…


The catch 22 here is that since this article is for Ride, I can’t really be giving away too too much we are getting into. BUT, just for this instance, here’s a little sneak peek from afar of the first crazy place we visited to keep you guessin’. These things were such a good time! Drew researched their history pretty extensively, and just the fact that these things were even built in the first place is more shocking than the fact that the company went out of business. We stuck around here for a few hours, everyone got some interesting clips and photos, Broc met some little girls with tattoos, and I went thru an entire roll of very expensive 8mm film.

We out here. Yeah, that little white dot is the van. Also on top of this little mountain their was one of those rock pile graves with a cross stuck in it saying “Smokey”….probably a dog, or a guy, you never know.

To get to this old foundation spot we had to drive the van thru a river, and on easily 10 miles of ‘primitive roads’ as the signs say. Any road that has a river freely running thru it seems pretty damn primitive to me.

Although this spot looked really cool, it ended up probably being more of a paintball heaven then a riding spot. Karl Poynter would be psyched!

Caked Bermuda. I think its safe to say that nobody’s bike on the Volume team besides maybe Matt Cordova’s has seem this much dirt before.


Gassing up in Tuscon for the drive down south. And yes, the van smells like a mixture of dusty air conditioning, feet, Doritos, and farts.

We made it to the old mining town of Bisbee, AZ and stayed in the really, really nice (with a touch of haunted) Bisbee Grand Hotel.


We had the whole place to ourselves, you check in at the bar, and the girl working there was not only a total babe but she also hooked it up with the big suite right by the balcony and all that with breakfast set out upstairs in the morning and everything. Needless to say we all had good time…except Broc who caught wind of the haunted thing, refused to even go upstairs at all, and slept in the van!


As far as the ghost activity, she told us about how the chalkboard had flew off the walls of the bar before, guests often hear voices, loud furniture moving sounds, and people in the bar long after everyone is gone. She then pulled out a sizable file of random guests’ ghost photos n such over the years. This one in particular was the topic of conversation. If you look in the top left corner of the mirror, you can clearly see an evil guys head looking back at you….



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