Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 2.


I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet, because after all this is supposed to be a ghost town trip. Day two, Sunday, AKA the day of the spot mods. We spent our time wisely by sticking around the Phoenix area in hopes of hitting new spots and taking care of unfinished business…

New to the freecoaster game, this guy started the day off right with an incredibly tight & narrow fakie wallride on a wild setup right in his neighborhood. The ledge was long, skinny, and covered in these big obnoxious skate stoppers which you couldn’t really even roll on top of. Drew took it upon himself to make the necessary modifications to make the setup work out….but of course not before watering his garden.

BMX van or work van? #manshit

As I mentioned before, Day two was spot mod day. This setup had been haunting Raban for a long time so we decided to take a stab at fixing her up so Alex could give it another go. In the mean time, we managed to get a really sick Jeff Z clip at a spot nearby….Jeff Z clips are like gold… Gold Jerry, gold!


Aw yeaaah. I’m still at a loss for words as was the rest of the crew while we watched incredible hulk Broc tear this thing apart with ease. Walking away with multiple amazing clips on a setup like this…also gold. From there we proceeded to light up another similar sign spot to gap into a street, but we’ll just save that spot for Jeff Z’s lens. Stay tuned for actual ghost town-ing tomorrow!



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