Ghost Town Fools Trip Day 1.


Well here we are out in Arizona yet again…Volume’s second home. To the best of my knowledge almost every single company has done a trip out here at some point over this past winter. So what makes us so much cooler you ask? Well this time around we decided to take a slightly different approach and roll with a concept Sir Hosselton came up with, which is basicially centered around visiting several old ghost towns rich with history, as well as some plain old more modern, but still abandoned desert places alike. The trip roster is Drew Hoss, Bahlman, Raban, Broc, Myself, and your favorite vegan photographer’s vegan photographer, Jeff Z. Lets do this…

So remember all that stuff I said before? Well that’s gonna be bullshit for a couple days…clearly we are at a school…and clearly Raban is dressed like a G. The actual ghost town treks don’t start until Monday. For now we’re just posted in trusty old Phoenix stack stack stackin. This is our first Volume trip with Jeff Z and both parties couldn’t be more stoked. Here we are getting on the Z stretching program with enthusiasm.

Technicially this dude canoe bunnyhop was the first clip we got on the trip. Drew seems just a little too excited if you ask me…but if Joey Cobbs were writing this, he’d have quite a few choice more things to say here.


Afer that school, Broc “switch” hangered a sick rail but I didn’t take a photo because Z had that covered. From there we went to some random elementary school so Drew could try to grind up this rail that was once attached to a wall. Unfortunately as you can see the rail’s clock ran out after a few very very close attempts and Drew was forced to give up the dream. We were however able to re-attach the rail to the wall briefly so I could try something on the wallride over it. After some left testicle abuse and a nice knee to the pavement I was able to pull it off so the spot wasn’t a total loss.


By incredibly random coincidence, our good buddy Joof from New Jersey and of Animal affiliation hit me up and told be he “just moved to Phoenix yesterday” so we dropped him a pin and he met up ASAP. So stoked to hang out with him for a few days. If you wanna see a video of Joof getting his leg caught in a conveyer belt…that link above may interest you.


Bahlman is always organizing everything, being tidy, owning a pocket knife, etc…man stuff. So when he came up on this mini deck of cards, his primal instinct was to organize them on the spot. He said there was one jack missing in the deck, but there was also a joker in the mix, which he informed us was most likely the replacement for the missing jack.


Around sunset Drew brought us to this spot with the intention of doing one thing, then realized it wasn’t for him and did something else. Still not satisfied, he turned around, walked back up to the top of the stairs, and informed me and Z that he was gonna add some “hot sauce” to what he just did. Drew is definitely not the type of rider to not let a filmer or photographer know exactly what he’s doing, but luckily we all know him so well, that there were really only two possible things he could be talking about. Z knew right away, and it came out amazing on both ends.


Night moves. Broc had a field day on this setup. I’m stoked because I think this was probably the first spot Drew ever took us about a year ago on the first trip out here, so it’s nice to see something get some clips on her. Stay tuned for more tomorrow…



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