With the trend of street riding being as big as it is now, we don’t usually put that much into anything else.  When some of the best street riders out there started out as park rats, it doesn’t make much sense to not show that side anymore.  Some of these same riders learned the fundamentals on park then took it to the next level on street.  Broc Raiford is a prime example of that and you can just tell by his riding that he is well diverse in everything that he rides.  We got the chance to catch a session with Broc at the FOD trails and later talk about his upbringing and if we’ll ever get to see a dirt/ park edit ever from him.  Check it all out after the jump. 

Some don’t know that your folks used to own a park in Louisiana, what made them get it, and what happened to it?
It’s always humbling when I’m asked this question because sometimes I loose touch with the appreciation that my family did indeed own a skatepark. It was our local skatepark and it was going to close down for good unless someone bought it and kept it open. My Dad started to look into it and after a few discussions with my Mom, they ended up buying the park. We named it Rampage Ramp Park. It was pretty surreal being able to go there and ride whenever and the memories that were created there will last forever. Unfortunately my family wasn’t able to keep it running as the skate and bmx scene fluctuated. We ended up selling it to a close friend of ours whom rides bmx and still owns it now. The skatepark is now called The Compound and I highly recommend visiting it if you’re in the New Orleans area.

Your dad still rides too doesn’t he? Did he ever push you to ride or did it just happen organically?
Yeah, my Dad still rides but not at the moment. He’s out due to a torn rotator cuff, and I’m wishing him the best to heal up soon. He had always pushed me to progress, but was never forceful about it by any means. It was motivation and helpful criticism that made me strive to be a better rider. I can’t thank him enough for all the guidance and help he gave me as a rider.

Did you start off as a park rat then merge more into street over time?
I was most definitely a park rat, but I had always ridden everything I could. Not matter what it was, I just wanted to ride with my friends and be on my bike. During a certain point of my life I was pursuing park riding pretty heavily but still rode rails and ledges too. Once the park riding game took off in the direction of flip and spin variations, I wasn’t able to keep up and progress with the park I had to ride. I still respect that style of riding so much but I found myself wanting to ride more street than anything. Eventually I started riding street more heavily but I never lost my love for park or dirt riding.

Growing up, who did you look up to the most as a rider and why?
Growing up I looked up to the older riders in my scene a lot. During that time I didn’t really watch that many web edits or dvd’s because I was too busy riding or playing video games with my friends. They had a huge influence on me as a rider and I can’t thank them enough. Shoutout to The Sanford brothers, Brock Gomez, Jon Rogers, Lil Patrick Morse, and many more.

“I love all disciplines of riding but street is just what’s shown more often than the others.”

You think being able to ride park/ dirt helps with some street moves?
I would have to say that riding park and dirt most definitely helped me with street riding. It built up a lot of bike control and really helped with a lot of the technical street riding I try to do today. I am so thankful that I rode park so heavily and a little dirt because without that, I don’t think I’d be as comfortable on my bike.

A lot of people only know you as a street rider, is it a conscience effort to not show that you ride park/ dirt in photos and video, or it just worked out that way?
This is something I really need to do more of in the future. I guess it’s something that just ended up that way and I don’t make a conscience effort to do that. I plan to come out with a park and/or dirt edit in 2016. I love all disciplines of riding but street is just what’s shown more often than the others

What do you enjoy riding most and why?
I enjoy riding dirt the most! There is nothing better than flowing a set of trails doing no tricks and just enjoying the feeling of riding your bike. I wasn’t kidding about a full dirt video hitting the Internet at some point this year, you can quote me on that!

Crazy to see these photos of you riding at FOD trails with Cordova and the guys like you’ve been riding dirt everyday still. How often do you get to go out and ride dirt?
I don’t get to ride dirt as often as I’d like, but I’m thankful to have friends like Joey and Matt Cordova along with Nathan Sykes that will let me ride their trails when they’re having a session. Those dudes rule so hard and are some of my favorites riders. Shoutout to FOD trails!

Seems like street is always looking for a setup and doing something on it where park/ dirt is more of hanging out and riding, would you say that’s somewhat accurate?
I agree and disagree because I can ride a street plaza with my friends and hangout/chill while we have the greatest time ever! Street riders are always looking for setups to film on but that’s not always the case. I believe that no matter what you’re riding, if you got a good crew of homies, and you’re all having fun, then it really doesn’t matter what discipline you chose to favor!

Will we see an edit of you riding more park and dirt in the future?
I said it earlier and I said it again, be on the look out for something different dropping this year!

Anything else new coming out from you later this year?
I’m super stoked to announce that I’m now getting flowed from Vans. It’s been a dream of mine to ride for them and it’s finally coming together! That’s the newest news I can announce and I have other possible opportunities in the works but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Thanks for reading the interview, now get outside and ride!!!!!!!





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