With DeMarcus’ new X Games Real BMX part releasing, X Games dropped five fast facts feature with him. There’s a couple in here that we didn’t know either, the Riley Hawk one is too funny. Be sure to head over to to Vote for DeMarcus’ part as your fan favorite too.

“Following a move from Albany, Georgia to San Diego, California, Demarcus Paul burst onto the BMX scene several years ago after being added to the Volume Bikes team. But how did he actually get the bug to start riding BMX? Simple: he saw the X Games on TV and that lit a fire that has finally brought him full circle, arriving into the Real BMX fold in 2017 to release a ridiculous part full of pop, unique lines and a good old fashioned street backflip. Here are five fast facts about Demarcus Paul and his Real BMX section.” – X Games

“Demarcus released a signature frame and handlebar for Volume Bikes in 2016. His original name for the kit was “Georgia War Horse,” but after doing some research, he discovered that the Georgia War Horse is a type of grasshopper, so he went with “War Horse.”