Finer Things Soundtrack

One of the standout things in our Finer Things DVD is the music that goes along with the riding.  The classic 60s-70s psych rock that Mike put together are some of the rarest soundtracks in a bmx video that I’ve yet to hear.  Just like many classic videos, you can visualize the riding with the songs.  I still consider Mat Hoffman’s Head First Fugazi’s Blueprint song to be one of the most iconic songs/ parts and can still visualize that whole section every time I hear that song still today, and think The Finer Things songs/parts are very similar in that way too.  One of our Finer Things fans (Tom Edgington) put together our soundtrack playlist to his YouTube channel HERE >>  Hopefully it’ll get you stoked to ride or just chill out and listen to some great 60s-70s psych rock.  BUY THE FINER THINGS DVD HERE >>



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