Finer Things Interview: Tate Roskelley

We got the chance to sit down with Tate a couple weeks ago when he came to SoCal to finish up his Finer Things part and shoot some photos.  He talks about his process of finding spots, what goes into his tricks, and much more.  Check it out, and see what goes on behind the scenes of a Tate Roskelley video part. 

The last section you put together was the OSS web edit that got something like 2 million views online. How did you approach that edit, and how do you feel about how it all turned out?
I really took my time with each idea; most of it was filmed in my hometown of Salt Lake City.  After a few months of working on it with ELF I knew I had something;  I knew it would get some sort of response, be it good or bad.  I never could of guessed it would break the million mark. Honestly it felt pretty good.

Now that you are working on your Finer Things section, are you approaching it any differently than your OSS edit? If so, how?
I would say there was a slightly different approach from myself.  A lot of the filming trips forced me to think on the spot, per say, at the same time can be a lot of fun, and kinda force you out of the comfort zone.  One clip, in particular, a mouse trap inspired clip took about three years from the idea to the actual clip.  Being on trips with the team was also very inspiring seeing everyone do their thing was really cool.


Is filming a web edit any different than filming a DVD part? If so, how?
That depends who you ask I guess.  I’ve never had the urge to go out and film a park edit in 3 days just to put something out.  I am a big believer in quality over quantity.  I have gone into most web videos with the same focus as a DVD.  What you can’t get in a web video is the motivation working with other riders on the team to create something you can all be proud of.  With a DVD project like the The Finer Things and the team involved, anybody who watches it will be treated to a wide array of riding styles; all original in their  own ways.  I think everybody who sees the video will walk away inspired in one way or another.

What has been the most difficult part about filming for your section?
The most difficult part for me was filming everything I wanted to in roughly a week’s time each trip.  At home I usually film about one clip a week.  Knowing that you have limited time to get shit done can be a lot of  pressure sometimes.

Your riding is one of a kind. How do you get inspiration and ideas for the clips that you film? Is there a set formula for ideas or are you able to pull inspiration from various places?
I wish there was a set formula for being creative, that seems a lot easier haha.  No,  I would say its really just seeing the right kind of inspiration at the right time so that you can kind of latch onto a new idea.  Keep in mind I get a lot of ideas that seem really cool, but don’t end up being anything like I envisioned.   I’m always trying to think of something new, but often times can go weeks without getting a fresh idea.  When I hit those dead-ends I try to force myself out of my little “routines” I love so much, often times that helps.

Spot checkin

What has been the craziest experience, or the most wild encounters you’ve had while filming for The Finer Things?
Oh god, The gate guy for sure.  We were filming in Arizona one night, and on our way back we passed a church that we stopped to check out.  I found a interesting gate that has some options to it.  Mike aimed the van lights at the rail while I hopped on it a few times.  At this point, the rest of the crew had already packed back into the van.  All of a sudden I heard a pitter patter noise and looked up. Before my eyes could adjust to the van lights, a large shirtless, shoeless white man running full speed was all of a sudden 10 feet away from me yelling “quit banging on the gate, not the gate, quit bangin on my f#*king gate.”  I was shocked. I didn’t have any sort of response probably cause I was scared shitless.  As I walked back to avoid any type of altercation and load my bike back into the van, the man began calling out the rest of the van, much the same the rest of the team was so caught off guard that they were speechless as well.  As soon as the van started pulling away the man said in a change of tone “have a nice night………….ASSHOLES!”  We drove home that night accepting our defeat.  A forty-something bald, white man with a large beer gut had punked us.  Punked us damn good!  The rest of the night it was all we could talk about after we collected out thoughts.  We all quoted the man for days.  “not the gate! Quit bangin on the gate!”

Which teammate’s part are you looking forward to seeing most?
I couldn’t answer this even if I tried,;everybody is going to be bangin!  So excited to see everyone’s stuff.


Do you have any ideas, plans, or projects for BMX for 2015?
Well the name of the DVD kinda sums that up.  This video isn’t the craziest, who did what where type of video.  It really is the finer things of it all.  I already kinda touched on the fact that it has something for everybody.  Hopefully this video will open people’s mind to creative riding and help them see more possibilities with their own riding.   As for 2015, I am going to keep on filming and having fun!  Thanks for reading.

Barrel roll...



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