Filming With Raban.

Saturday afternoon myself and a couple OSS guys headed up north, while orange Hi-C aficionado Joey Cobbs and Mike Jonas headed south. We met up with everyone’s favorite pizza chef Alex Raban on his home turf in Nipomo, CA to hang out and ride all the amazing spots this area has to offer. Check out our Sunday below.

The crew met up with a couple of Raban’s good friends, who happen to be none other than BMX legends Ian Munro and Chris Arriaga. Those guys are super rad and great to have around. Here the crew hangs out right after Alex laid down a hammer on the below spot.

If there’s anyone who doesn’t need warm-ups, it would definitely be Alex, but a quick double peg never hurts.

Chef Chachi getting ready to boil.

Mike Jonas and Devin Feil showing off while Joey watches and just thinks….”Niceee.”

We ended our day at a university in San Luis Obispo. Raban followed suit with the earlier portion of his day, and layed down a couple more insane clips, including this ledge-rail feeble above. Video coming soon!



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