Filming With Matty Days 9 & 10.

Matty and I wrapped up our time filming for his Midship promo on Friday and Saturday out and about in the Boston area. After getting kicked out of the below spot (in the above photo) numerous times throughout the week, needless to say we had a few choice words for these dorks. Matty’s face here is pretty priceless..

Until next time bud. Sometimes you just have to face facts and realize that some security guards are just too good at their jobs…

After a brief rainstorm on Friday after that first spot, in true East coast fashion out luck turned around and the sun decided to pop out again….but it wasn’t all gravy just yet. We had to wait around at this spot for a while in hopes that the fixie rider who locked his bike to the rail would come outside. 20 minutes later we were in luck, and Matty put this rail to work with two ice 180’s, one much harder than the other…

Saturday morning we got an early start with the intention of tying up some loose ends before I needed to be at the airport. The 360 to smith on the backside of where Matty is standing was giving him trouble the first time around, but as always a fresh day and a fresh can of monster does the body good, and this time he pulled ‘er clean in only a few of tries. He also decided to go for a little somethin’ in the way of a line at this spot for some extra credit, that ended up working out nicely. Professional.

This is another spot at which we had some unfinished business to attend to. Since it was right on the way to the airport we decided to hit it up. He ended up getting the clip he wanted, plus one more for good measure, rounding off the trip with a 4 clip day and a solid promo edit in the bag. Keep an eye out for the video, dropping this week!



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