Filming With Matty Days 7 & 8.

Day 7 started out in Connecticut warming up at Stevie’s local skatepark in Bristol, and getting a nice little suprise meet up from Demolition‘s flow guy Grant Germain, and one of my best friends Craig Passero. We shot the shit, then headed out to ride some schools in Waterbury and Shelton. Unfortunately even though it’s summer, we pretty much got kicked out of everything and the above photo is a pretty good representation of how most our afternoon went…

Craig P laying down a line at one of the schools before getting the boot. You may recognize this spot from Stevie’s Hunt part where he does a hard 360 to feeble that turned quite a few heads.

Stevie and I with some good ol’ gas station eats.

Our luck turned around at the end of the day when we headed down to Bridgeport to ride this amazing ledge. Everyone had a great time here, and Stevie of course set fourth and went HAM with ridiculously tech lines only he could think of. Matty came thru with the move of the day tho and casually nosed the entire thing in only a few tires.

Our home away from home, Chipotle.

Day 8, Matty and myself were tired from making the trek home to Mass the night before, so we just chilled out most of the day and rode Matty’s local skatepark with some friends. Come nightfall we headed to this gem of a setup in East Boston that we had “modified” a few nights before by unbolting the railing and pulling it out of the wall.

Without the railing, we now have an awesome gap to electrical box. As you can see here, the wall, poles, etc in the foreground make this a very tight setup to spin out of, but that didn’t phase Matty and we ended up walking away with a dope smith hard 180.



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