Filming With Matty Days 3 & 4.

Matty and I spent our Friday out in Western Massachusetts hanging out with Seeley and some of The Garden crew. Here Matty demonstrates his non-local status at Jake’s go-to breakfast spot, before fueling up with an iced coffee.

After a quick warm up session at the Pittsfield Skatepark, we drove around to spots for most of the afternoon. Here’s a unique little euro roof gap find that the owners of the house laid fencing over top of in an effort to prevent people from riding or skating it. Luckily for us, the fencing only made Matty roll a little slower, and didn’t stop him from tossing the B’s real quick. From there we headed to a dope nose bonk to gap over some stairs setup (that I for some reason forgot to take a photo of…sorry guys) then to this here out-ledge spot…

Matty throwing on a little wax before trying some sexy maneuvers on this guy.

Saturday we headed into the city and pedaled around the harbor a little with Brian Hunt and Clint Reynolds.

Here some fanny pack type daddy dorks were broing down and trying to see how high they could get their hand prints on this thing. For some reason I thought it was really funny and had to snap a photo real quick.

Lil Matty, big city. Follow Volume on Instagram if you don’t already…

After a quick nose bonk to rail that Matty was sweating, (then banged out one take) we headed to this here East Coast gem. Take a look at the tire marks and see if you can take a guess in THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW at what was accomplished here. This spot was conveniently right next to another loading dock spot where Matty clipped up as well. Stay tuned for more updates all week!



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