Filming With Matty Day 6.

Yesterday Matty and I headed down here to Connecticut to ride with Lil Stevie and check out some spots in the area…

Even though he was pretty much taking it easy and just having a warm up session, watching Stevie ride his local park is one of the coolest things you could ever witness. Here he is just tossing a quick truck down the stairs like he lives there or something…

We pretty much spent the vast majority of the afternoon here at a college spot in Hartford. Stevie was going off as always and filmed at least 8 insane clips. If you just glance at the photo you can imagine the plethora of whips, spins, bars, no-handers, etc that Stevie is capable of here. I guess you’ll just have to wait for the clips. Matty also came thru with a real solid clip here to end the session.

Crew’d up with a bunch of real talented local kids.

Lil’ Sleepy.

Stevie’s friend Gabe spinning to win off a tall ass ledge at a school in Naugatuck, CT. There was another kid who hucked a barspin off it right as the schools’ marching band practice was drumming by. Check that filming stance…

The holy brown rail spot. Matty and I had this spot in mind when coming down here, so I’m stoked we were able to make it here by the end of the day. No thanks to the thunder shower, but big thanks to everyone for helping us dry out the runway enough to get a real fun session in on it.



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