Filming With Matty Day 5.

We started off the day by driving around East Boston in search of some fresh stuff to ride, and almost immediately stumbled upon this gem of and up ledge. Matty played around with a few different ideas and ended up walking away with a trick he claims he’s actually never done before, and an empty Dunkin Donuts iced coffee…

Still fueled up with extra-extra iced coffees, we continued on our search down by the water and landed on this gem. I forgot to take a photo of the spot so here’s a dead giveaway screen grab for you guys. Matty always comes thru with precision on the front end.

The view from right behind me in the previous photo.

One of Matty’s friends at the bike shop had told us about this curved ledge spot at a train station, and I actually pointed it out driving by, but figuring out what roads to take to actually get us back there once we passed it on a one-way, proved to be a tricky task. We ended up just hoofing it thru a city park, then inside, up, and over the train station to finally get to the spot.

Success! There were a couple other bike riders that showed and but didn’t say much, but seemingly were stoked to be in the background of my update photo which I didn’t even notice till right now, haha.

Matty spent a long time trying a bar manual line on the ledge, and afterwards he was exhausted, and nutted a couple times over. Better luck next time bud.



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