Filming With Matty Day 2.

Yesterday we met up with our good friends Jake Seeley, Matthew Clark, and James Johnson then headed to the shapes spot just outside of Boston. We kicked it there for a while and got our warm up on, then headed into the city for some crusin around. More below…

Whoa, like so artsy man…? This ledge spot (which you can’t see here) was dope, but what was even more amazing was the fact that it was behind a chocolate factory or something, and the whole alley just smelled like warm delicious baked brownies.

Matty and I went off and did our own thing for a bit while everyone else was back at the choco-spot, and landed at this rail spot in the projects. After some trick deliberation Matty came thru with a solid rail to gap maneuver clip.

Obligatory city cruising photo.

Whenever you hang out with Jake, you can bet your ass there will be at least one, if not two, stops at Chipolte throughout the course of the day. The crew post-burritos.

Lighting off some fireworks before dipping to Pittsfield, MA last night. More adventures to come…



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