Filming With Matty: Day 1.

I’m out here in Boston with Mr. Long for the next 10 days working on a promo edit for his signature Volume frame, The Midship. Our first day got off to a pretty slow start due to some typical east coast summer thunderstorms all day, but towards the end of the afternoon the ground dried up enough to go ride a bit. Shout out to Matty’s local shop & employer Local BMX Shop for hooking us up with a good supply of tubes.

I don’t really want to give away what Matty did on this rail because it’s more fun to just let everyone guess on Instagram. I will say tho, that it took about an hour an a half….not because he couldn’t do it, but because it was so incredibly hot and humid outside that it took my camera/lenses forever to warm up enough to stop fogging up…crazy.

Pushing around condensation..probably making it worse.

The last hour or so the day we just chilled out and looked at some potential spots. Here’s one you might recognize from Matty’s clips in the OSS ‘Football’ DVD mix section.

These two items were really right next to each-other on the shelf at the grocery store. Joey Cobbs and Drew Hosselton know what I’m talking about…give this a watch if this doesn’t immediately make you laugh.



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