RIDEbmx has been on a mad tear lately with their feeble talk video series. This weeks featured rider is our own DeMarcus Paul. Full run down on what he talks about and etc is below too.

“Welcome to Feeble Talk Home Edition. Aka Low-Fi. Aka the studio squad was busy all week. Aka there’s no green screen and the audio isn’t as good either because I don’t have foam on my walls. But yes, let’s not have that distract from what I think is probably the most solid, interesting FT (that I’ve done, at least) with Volume/Animal pro Demarcus Paul…” – RIDE

Courtesy Timeline:
3:40 – How Demarcus fractured his leg
6:35 – iTunes section with Christian Rigal
10:10 – Working at a chicken factory in Southern Georgia
13:20 – Losing everything and moving to California
20:20 – Carless in San Diego
27:35 – Turning down Volume Am and waiting for Pro
32:00 – Leaving Merritt and joining Animal
38:00 – Early influential video part (Ian Munro – Kink Wasted Days)
41:44 – Recent influential video part (Christian Rigal – Still United)
43:40 – Demo’s top five favorite tooth hangers of all time
49:40 – Peer Q&A (AKA, the Volume team asks Deemo questions via video)
1:11:23 – DeMarcus wants to be a motivational speaker