Farewell old friend

Our good friend and rider, Ryan “Biz” Jordan was offered a great opportunity recently from another company that he couldn’t pass up.  Everyone here at Volume is really sad to see Biz go but also happy for him and  wish him nothing but the best with his new sponsor. Biz is an awesome rider and better yet a good guy. He’s still apart of our family, with Demolition Parts. I just recently saw his Last Chance part and it turned out to be one of his better video parts to date. I don’t see Biz slowing down anytime soon. Click more for Biz’s write-up:

As with anything, things come to an end and things change. This time around it happens to be me and Volume, which was not an easy decision. I would like to thank Brian, La and everyone involved at Volume for everything they have done for me over the years. Even though I’m not on Volume anymore I will still be apart of Demolition, so it’s not like I am going far.

Once again, thanks for everything guys. – Ryan “Biz” Jordan



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