Our freecoaster mad man, Eric Bahlman just released some heavy fire in the VOLUME 2 video and was stoked to get at him while we were in AZ for a quick bike for his latest War Horse build. Check out what he rides and why below.

Frame: Volume War Horse
Fork: Volume Anchor
Bars: Volume Captain
Stem: Shadow Odin
Grips: Shadow Maya
Headset: Shadow Stacked
Seat: Shadow Crow Slim Pivotal
Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: Shadow Killer
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic
Bottom Bracket: Shadow Stacked Mid
Sprocket: Shadow Cobra 28t
Sprocket Guard: Shadow Disaster
Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme
Tires: Shadow Valor 2.4
Front Wheel: Shadow Symbol
Rear Wheel: Shadow Optimized
Pegs: Shadow Little Ones

Your Volume 2 part came out amazing. How would you say this one was different than the other videos you’ve worked on and why?
That was my first crook on a real rail, haha. But besides that I think with every video I put out I try to make all of my tricks different than the last. Although I’m always manualing or dancing on my back wheel, haha.

Everyone has a process for their videos parts, what would you say yours is?
My process has always been ad-libbed. I don’t like to put too much thought into planning out tricks and spots but rather go out riding with friends and teammates and figure out something at the spot while I’m there. Sometimes I’ll even try something a few times and I’ll think of a completely different trick which turns out way better in the end.

You’re now considered a freecoaster wizard amongst most other pro riders. Who did you look to when trying to take your backwards tricks to the next level when coming up? Who do you think is changing the game now?
Haha, it’s pretty awesome that people think that of me. I don’t think I have one specific rider I look up to like I did as a kid, but take interest in anybody who’s willing to be creative and not fall in line with the standard grind/bar/whip/hard out of everything.
Devon Smilie has surpassed my skills and has some of the craziest balance moves I’ve seen on a bike. Kriss Kyle is definitely killing it too on the creative side. No one can touch his 100 jib per second clips, it’s crazy all the things he thinks of that my brain wouldn’t be able to process, haha.

Your bikes are always fairly dialed, are you pretty anal on a good riding and looking rig?
Yes and no. I love to have a good looking bike/color scheme but at a closer look my bike will usually be pretty beat up. I like to run parts as long as I can.

How do you like the War Horse frame for how you ride and why?
The War Horse frame is awesome cause it has a short back end and steep head tube which helps with quick spins and manuals.

AZ is quite a place to ride. What’s your daily schedule of riding like with all the ditches, parks and street around there? Which would you say you ride the most of?
My friends and I ride the local skateparks which there are a million out here. Probably cause we’re getting older and don’t like getting hassled by security anymore, haha. The parks we typically ride are Tempe, Reed, Chandler, Glendale X-Court and the infamous Wedge.


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