Enns’ Finishing Touches.

Don’t you just love those days where it’s pouring rain in the morning, you go out riding feeling sore and not really expecting too much productivity from the day, then all of a sudden things just fall right into place? Well yesterday with Jason was one of those days… More below.

After getting shut down by Sunday’s church service at the first spot, then getting the boot from the second spot right away, in our minds things weren’t really looking too good…however now looking at it, it was definitely a blessing in disguise to have this amazing feeble to wallride for a plan B. Jason was sweating this one a little but then laced it like a vet second try. He actually did it twice just to be a G. Ruh.

Here’s a better photo of the setup that wasn’t shot with Biz’s Motorola Razor. Get an iPhone biz.

Jason doing some roof spot gazing. This one’s in the Volume DVD national savings bank.

Here’s a second POV photo of the above rail to ledge spot. I’m gonna leave it up in the air as to what Jason did, but I’ll just say that it’s probably the best classic street use of the spot, and also Jason used his switch front peg for the first time in this edit. Speaking of edits, these last minute clips are both going to appear in Jason and Biz Jordan’s split Demolition edit dropping in a week or two. Keep an eye out for that!



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