Enns & Crew @ The Pool.

The pool? Yeah actually Enns probably rides enough crazy pools all the time to write a book about it. This time however he brought Alex Platt, Vicente, and Myself along for the ride to check out a pool he’d been to once before with Rooftop in hopes of filming some stuff for his upcoming Cerberus frame promo (due out this coming week!) Here’s a crazy pocket air coupled with my extremely armature photography skills. More (better) photos below…
When we showed up here, we were surprised to find that the people who own the property had taken a pick ax or something and strategically destroyed the entire flatbottom in hopes of keeping skaters out. Little bumps don’t matter as much to us I guess, but either way that plus the water made it a bit of a chore to clean out.

Vicente found this mummified and/or petrified frog thing next to the pool. All of us Americans (and one stupid Canadian) weren’t about to pick it up. Captain Spaniard on the other hand had no qualms with touching this thing.


Alex Platt loves a good project…hence the nickname “Project Platt.” When we arrived Alex was the first one to find the necessary means of moving the water out of the deep end. He then proceeded to fill this giant garbage can to the brim and it took all 4 of us to drag it out.

Great art.

Vicente is one of the funniest dudes ever. As this was only the second day we’d hung out with him, he was still fairly quiet most of the day. As he was observing Platt sticking his hands in this disgusting smelly mud, he goes with his Spanish accent, “…this guy, he loves to play wit da shit…”

I was super stoked on my filming perch for Jason’s clip. The previous night I had rented a movie from RedBox called “The Lifeguard” to watch with a girl, only to spend a couple hours standing on a lifeguard tower the next day. I found this funny and ironic, you’ll probably look that movie up and call me a fag.

Again, I’m no photographer, but I’m working on it. Here’s Jason warming up with a carve over the hole.



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