Enns’ BMX PLUS! Cover w/ Mini Interview

Enns Plus Cover

We’re stoked to announce that our veteran pro, Jason Enns scored this months BMX Plus! cover.  Chris Arriaga got over the high res of the cover to us and had to run it, plus a mini interview with Jason after the jump. Click top photo to view the full cover

Congrats again on scoring the new cover! This is your first BMXPlus! cover right?
Thanks! Yep, first BMX PLUS! cover. Stoked!

Are your front brakes permanently on now or just for certain tricks?
I have a whole separate bike with the front brakes on it. It’s pretty much identical to my regular bike. I just take it out from time to time. Its been real fun.

What’s one thing you can tell us about this cover that we don’t know? A lil’ behind the scenes into shooting it.
I had shot an x-up canadian with Chris Arriaga a few weeks before at the Volume/Demolition ramps. It was before I had the front brake bike setup and I was riding the ramps on his Chris’ bike that has brakes. He was into the pic but I was a bit hesitant to have a pic run in the mag on his bike so I asked if he wanted to just re-shoot it on my bike and maybe on something more “street”. I saw a pic of Christian Rigal on instagram riding the spot on the cover and it looked perfect. I hit Christian up and he hooked up the location and I made plans to meet Chris in San Diego to shoot it, never having been to the spot. When we got there the spot was far from perfect for the trick, but since Chris had made the 3 hour trek from Ventura just to shoot this, I figured I had to at least try and get it. After awhile I started getting into it, and we ended up getting the shot.

Now that you’ve had some legendary photos in magazines under your belt, which ones stand out the most and why?
Obviously any pic that ran on the cover is always memorable. A few other pics I really remember being my favs is the one Castillo shot on the school rooftop overlooking downtown Vancouver for my Ridebmx interview. The barrier air also from Vancouver shot by my friend Darren Bolton for my Dig interview is still one of my favs as well.

I know you and Biz always bust each others balls about getting the next cover. Guess you won… poor Biz haha.

Hahaha, yea I guess I win for now, but never count Biz out, I think we’ll see him on a cover or 2 still.



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