Drifter V2 Now in Stock

Tate’s Roskelley’s all new Drifter V2 just came in and they’re looking more gorgeous than ever.  Tate expressed that he really didn’t want to screw with the geometry and that he wanted to make lil’ changes like the following; Double butted top and bottom tubes, top and bottom gussets, lower/ cleaner seat clamp area, better looking brake bridge braces, cleaner dropouts that doesn’t have the tubes in the way of a guard/ peg and a wider bb shell to allow a bigger tire.  If you guys loved the first version, this ones gonna get you even more excited.  Contact your local Volume dealer for more info.  Shops should see them in 3-5 days.  p.s.  Be on the lookout for an amazing new Tate edit dropping soon too, gonna be as epic as his first one!



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