Those that don’t know, our long term desert rider, Drew Hosselton has left his clear skies and hot summers to cold winters and never ending days of Alaska.  Drew wanted to get into a new adventure for the summer and headed way north to work at a bike shop and enjoy whatever adventures he can come across up there.  Check out the epic photos and his writeup on his drive up and then some. 

For those that haven’t been following along on Instagram, I recently left my long-time home of Arizona and I’ve spent the past month or so driving up to Alaska. The drive up was absolutely amazing and breathtaking as I thought it could be.
I started off by spending some time in the LA area, hanging out and riding with my Volume brethren and enjoying the last bit of warm and sunny weather I would probably be seeing for a while. I headed north up the coast and stopped and visited old friends along the way, including Alex Raban we got a little bit arriving in before the weather turned to shit. Spent a few days cruising San Francisco and then headed up to Portland with big riding ambitions but the weather had a different idea. I did manage to score one sunny day and a couple rainy mornings riding the legendary Burnside skate park. From there it was on the Vancouver to ride some of the most legendary skateparks of the West Coast, but again the rain just sort of followed me everywhere I went. Big change for a desert boy. Got a couple minor sessions in, but definitely not enough to hold me over for the drive that I was about to do.
For those not familiar with Canadian geography, it gets pretty sparse the further north you travel though, the scenery gets pretty damn crazy. I spent the next week pretty much just driving through northern Canada and taking in all the sites I could. The weather wasn’t much better and there was a lot of snow falling, but somehow I made it in a little compact car in one piece. Even after I spent days upon days doing nothing but driving I could’ve kept going and arrived at my destination almost sooner than I was ready to. It’s definitely cold here and everything is covered in ice but only a couple more weeks before it thaws out and I get to explore the more BMX friendly terrain of Alaska. Much more to come, stay tuned and if you are already follow along on the gram @drewhosselton. – DREW