Drew Hosselton Bike Check

Drew Hosselton has a bike check over at ESPN. Drew is a awesome dude and seriously good. Here’s what Stew had to say.

“Volume/Demolition rider Drew Hosselton, made some waves earlier this week with a stellar new video from Volume But before that, Drew met up with Stew Johnson in Tempe, Ariz. a few weeks back to film some clips and get a bike check done. 23-Earth-year-old Drew’s Volume Drifter stands up to Drew’s unique brand of Arizona-influenced abuse, and we’re also never going to get tired of making Drew feel awkward during video introductions.” Video by Stew Johnson.



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  • Recardo

    Man, I really can’t blieeve I missed it. I really wanted to ask Jon if Vice Verses was in any way inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress, cause it sure seems like it. Hopefully they do another chat before the album release. I don’t know if you know this Jeanna, but ustream.tv automatically records live sessions. All you have to do is go to the Switchfoot channel and go to the recordings. Btw, Drew just cracks me up! Like literally everything he does manages to make me laugh.


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