Don’t ever sleep on Drew Hosselton, he’ll always surprise you on some cool shit! We just saw his new Volume 2 part and it’s a prime example of that.  Some killer footage and then some.  He just sent over some cool Erik Hilburn photos of himself and a lil update below. 

Summer in AZ always means that riding slows down a bit but this past one was a doozy with pretty much non-stop record breaking heat. We managed to keep fairly busy filming the follow-up to Mediocre at Best which is going to be 100% night footage so keep your eyes peeled for that. Now that the weather has finally broke it feels so good to be able to ride all day without the risk of heat stroke. Lately I have been spending a lot of time exploring and looking for new spots which is typical, but with all the new construction here in Tempe I haven’t had to travel too far.

A month or so ago I wrapped up my section for the upcoming Volume 2 which I am really stoked on. I took a much different approach to filming this section than I have in the past, and only a very small handful of clips were filmed here in Arizona so it was cool being able to film outside my home turf a bunch. The focus for this part was definitely quality over quantity and I really took my time to find the set-ups I had been looking for so in my opinion these might be some of my best clips yet. Looking forward to getting on the road a lot for the new year and excited to see what it holds! – Drew Hosselton




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