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Mr Hoss is currently out here in California staying with me while he works on an upcoming Ride interview with none other than our Jeff Z. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to over the past couple days…

Nah, we didn’t really do anything cool at that fullpipe ditch spot. The inside of the tube was more humid than a greenhouse…or perhaps a really fat woman’s lady parts. This spot on the other hand saw some action from Lil D with the big cam and Ride’s Ryan Fudger with the TR-Z 900. Aint it cute?

It’s come up muiltiple times in the past few days that Drew in fact hates being around trees. Cheer up you desert dwelling weirdo, we can film it fish if you want…

People definitely sleep on the beach spots ’round these parts. Sometimes it takes an out-of-towner to come thru and realize the amazing potential here. Great success.

Good day with Z, Sean Morr, and Ashley Charles tagging along as well.

Night moves in Long Beach. Once again, pretty well known spot, slept on. Drew’s afro’d noggin is just full of great ideas for a little less than obvious setups.

Our night mission last night didn’t end up working out, but we did find this piece of exercise equipment that is essentially a straight up kicker ramp. All blue Z, all blue ramp. Z got up and informed us how horrible that setup was for your back, went to his camera bag, and ate a carrot.



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