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Couple weeks back Mastroni and DeMarcus went up to Utah to visit Tate and to film for the new Volume DVD, The Finer Things.  While on their third day of filming, DeMarcus hung up on a icepick down a rail to his face and fractured his jaw and chin.  We were all floored by the news and didn’t know what had really happened at the time.  The majority of the Volume team was on a group chat worried about him, since none of us knew the severity of the crash.  Turned out that DeMarcus was okay considering, and learned that he’s one tough dude.  Now that he’s doing a bit better, we figured we’d ask him how he’s doing and give you guys a little perspective on what he’s been going through.   

How you feeling?
I’m actually feeling way better. I don’t have to take anymore meds for pain.

Did you actually get KO’d from your fall, from that pic it looked like you were a bit out of it?
From the actual crash I did not get KO’d. Kind of a good and bad thing at the same time. I remember every second of the crash and how bad it hurt. The good things about not getting KO’d were that I was able to remember the basic things as in where I was, what day it was and so on. I feel that if I would have KO’d myself I would have more problems with remembering and I wouldn’t have been able to get to the ER as fast as we did. Thanks to Margie, Mike and Tanner for getting me to the ER so fast.

You mentioned to us that the Dr. was ready to wire your jaw but you decided against it, is that something that would have helped the healing process?
Yes, wiring my jaw definitely would have helped the process but I would have to be on a liquid diet. The Doctor was pretty confident in the decision of keeping me on a soft food diet that my fractured jaw and chin will heal themselves in around 6 weeks without being wired so we went with that.


Majority of the Volume team was on a group text on how you were doing, and a lot of others reached out. Once you got better and was reading them, what went through your mind?
It all happened so fast. When I saw the amount of support that everyone was giving it defenitely helped put me in a better mood. Thank you guys!

Having a crash to your face like that, was there ever a moment of WTF am I doing? I know when I hit my head or get KO’d, I have a glimpse of “is this worth it.”
Actually when I was on the way to the ER I did question myself. I know that if I didn’t have the passion for riding like I do I would quit, easy!! After thinking more on it I actually felt more embarrassed with myself for questioning it. My mom called me shortly after I left the ER, and she said to me “you’re not going to quit… are you? ”  I replied with a mumble of,  “nope, it makes me want to go harder!”
Off the crash topic; I know Mastroni and you are already clocking in a bit of footage, and I know Mike is excited about it too. How’s filming been going otherwise…

Filming with Mike has been great. He’s easy to work with there for making it more fun to go out and film. I’m super hyped on the things that we have!

How was riding with Tate while up in Utah? I know you guys have a bit different riding styles. We gonna see any moto drifts in your part?
Riding with Tate was very different and really interesting. I respect his style and his take on bmx. You will see a few “Tate Roskelley” influenced clips in my section.

What’s your timeline looking like once you start getting a bit better?
It’s actually looking pretty productive. I have a Merritt Video that should be dropping hopefully by the end of this month, Vitalbmx video that I’m working on with my friend Doeby, filming a section for my friends DVD called “Likewise” and a few trips with Volume and Merritt.

What are you up to now, I imagine you’re taking some time off to heal up?
I would like to get back on my bike as soon as possible. Hopefully by next week I’ll be rolling, haha.

All pics by J.Cobbs




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