Since RIDEbmx just put up a new Know Your Roll with DeMarcus Paul’s signature War Horse line of parts and new Thunder Blue color, we figured it would be fitting to put up his new bike check to go along with it all.  Check out all the photos, what parts he runs below and what’s he’s been up to. 

Frame: Volume War Horse
Fork: Volume Anchor
Bars: Volume War Horse
Stem: VLM Top Load Stem
Grips: VLM Flangeless
Headset: Demolition Integrated
Seat: War Horse Pivotal
Seat Post: Animal Pivotal
Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Bottom Bracket: Animal Mid
Sprocket: Animal M5 28t
Chain: Volume Halflink
Tires: BSD Donnasqueak 2.4
Front Wheel: Animal Javelin hub w/ Animal BS rim
Rear Wheel: Primo Freecoaster hub w/ Animal BS rim
Pegs: Volume War Horse

You’ve been working on your iTunes project with Christian Rigal for some time now and heard it was supposed to be released for Christmas.  Is there a new release date for it now?
Yeah it’s been a little over a year and a half now, we wanted to drop it on Christmas but we had issues clearing the song that we’re using for the video. We haven’t set a release date for it yet but it’s very close to being finished.

I know you were hesitant to add the Thunder Blue to your line at first but now you’re digging it, what made you change your mind?  What do you think of some of the wild colors vs solid colors?
I’ve always been a fan of bright colors but I’ve just been really into dark colors lately. I’m happy that we went with the Thunder Blue! People are responding to it well. Change is good haha.
Wild colors are really interesting for the fact of personality and happy vibes. I love solid colors for the reason of it being straight forward and having more options to color coordinate your parts.

What is one feature or item in your War Horse line that you like the most and why?
The frame for sure! Stoked on the geometry and the entire design of the frames. I’m looking forward to dialing in a few more things with the next colorway.

You have anything big planned or in the works for 2017?
I have few things that I’m extremely hyped on that will be announced very soon. If you’re interested in knowing, just check the inter-web in a few weeks.