So many amazing photos already came out from DeMarcus’ X Games Real BMX part but haven’t released his last banger sequence shot till now. ¬†DeMarcus runs you down on how the spot and all came about below too. Photo by B.Castillo.

I originally had something else in mind for the last clip in my Real Bmx video part. I wanted to do a gap to icepick down a rail the led directly into traffic. When I went to try and film it I didn’t think the risk to reward factor was worth it.

The double pegs to wallride was pretty much almost done by Ryan “Biz” Jordan in 2010. He recently posted a clip on instagram of him trying it, and I responded to the post saying how sick the pegs to wallride was and that he should land it. He responded with “you should do it”. I wasn’t into it because he had gotten so close to landing it but he eventually convinced me to give it a go with only one rule, that he’s there to watch me try it. At this point we only had two days left to finish the Real Bmx video part too.

The next day we all met up and after about 45 minutes of trying it, I landed the pegs to wallride! – DeMarcus Paul on how his banger kinked rail to wallride came about.