DeMarcus’ Bermuda Bike Check

DeMarcus’ bike goes through some major shit day to day, he not only uses it daily for transpiration around SD but he also rides the hell out of it at all the parks and on street. He just upgraded his whole rig with all the new Volume goods (VLM stem and Vader tires) as well as his new Bermuda V2 signature flat olive frame. Check out his whole kit after the jump as well as the full run down on what he rides. 

Frame: Volume Bermuda V2 Signature Flat Olive 21″

Fork: Volume Broc Raiford Anchor Samples

Bars: Volume Barista 9″

Stem: Volume VLM 50mm

Grips: Volume VLM

Headset: Integrated w/ tall spacers

Seatpost: Primo Pivotal

Seat: Merritt SL1

Cranks: Demolition Revolt 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Demolition Mid

Sprocket: Madera Helm 25t

Chain: Half Link

Front Tire: Volume Vader 2.4

Front Wheel: Primo N4NL/ Primo Hoop

Rear Tire: Volume Vader 2.4

Rear Wheel: Demolition RotatoR Freecoaster/ Primo Hoop

Pedals: Merritt P1


“The new stem is definitely one of the best that I’ve ever used. Nice and tall”


“The green came out way better than I expected it to. The tires are really good for all surfaces, they’re wide and they have a sick tread pattern. Having bigger/wider tires actually provides a more stable platform to do fakie manual tricks.”




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