Daniel ‘D’ Martinez Bike Check

Our main man who’s been holding down the L.A. CA area for us, Daniel Martinez just gave us a ton of sick photos of his latest setup.  Check more to see his whole bike setup and mini interview here>> 

Frame – Vessel frame 20.75″
Bars – Iron Chachi bars 8.75 rise
Forks – Anchor
Stem – VLM stem
Headset – Demolition
Grips – VLM Grips
Tires – Vader 2.4
Seat – The Finer Things Pivotal (green version)
Seat Post – VLM Pivotal
Front Wheel – Demolition Bulimia hub laced to Zero rim w/ Demolition hub guards
Back Wheel – Rotator freecoaster laced to a Zero rim w/ Demolition hub guard
Cranks – Demolition Rig 175mm
Pedals – Demoliton Trooper PC
Sprocket – Demolition 25 tooth Mugatu
Chain – Half link Volume
Pegs – Demolition team

What have you been up to lately?
Lately I’ve been moving from house to house in these last couple months but finally I think I have a place we might be staying at for awhile. I also been working a bunch at CVS selling drugs to all the sick people out there. Riding wise I’m working on 2 new video parts. The one that might be coming out first is this project that Mastroni is working on for Volume. I’m in the second chapter of the series called Volume 2. Mike and me have been filming a lot, so I’m excited to show everyone that. The second part is me and my friends aka the Jiboholic crew are working on a video. It’s an LA based video and a bunch of my friends are having parts. I’m doing most of the filming so it’s fun to be on the other side of things. Besides working and riding my bike, I’ve just been trying to enjoy every day as it comes.

Favorite bike part?
Favorite bike part is probably going to be tires.  I’ve always liked a cool designed tire. Tires play such a big role on the bike.

There any sort of mods you do on your bike?
Only mods I do is I cut my bars a little bit on each side. Usually if they’re 29″ I’ll cut them to 28″. I got small shoulders so I feel like it’s more comfortable when I ride.

Do you have any ritual you do when you put a bike together?
Only ritual I do is I always thank whoever is helping me out or has helped me out to be where I am today! That’s all that’s going on in my head, while there’s a big smile on my face when I’m putting my bike together. I always feel so blessed putting a new bike together.

That one bike part you like to switch out and get a new one?
I always like to switch out my bars! It’s a must just because since I flip over the bars when I do nose manuals and there’s always these nasty scratches on the bends of the bars, and I hate the way it looks lol. Also bar ends lol, those go so quick!

Any big plan for 2016?
I have really big plans for 2016! There’s a lot of goals in my head that I’m trying to accomplish and a lot of ideas I want to put out there and see how they do in the world! My Volume 2 section is my main concern I’m really trying to put in as much effort that I can to make it better than my Finer Things part. We’re working on some new shirts for Jiboholic’s, so hopefully more news will come out about that.  Hopefully everything goes good for myself and for everyone out there!

Be sure to give D a follow to see what else he’s up to at @danieltnez



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