Completely Awesome.


We’ve been out and about the last few days having a blast with our new District complete bikes. We wanted to show you kids out there that you can pretty much shred these things right out of the box, and what better way to do that than to go in and make a legit street edit on our new whips? Platt, Raban, Broc, Myself, and Lil D have been out 9-5 putting in work for this video. Although we’ve obviously been holding back a little bit (these are like $300 bikes), still we’ve all been pleasantly surprised at how quick we were able to get used to them, and also how well they’ve been holding up considering we are all full grown men. District Promo coming soon! Click here for more shenanigans…
Started from Louisiana, now we here. Broc has clearly traveled around the country so much already this year and nose manualed many things in many states that he can legitimately do this with his eyes closed…..or at least looking over at the camera. The purple District is my personal favorite and I like it so much that I’m actually considering riding it as my real bike for a while after we’re done filming with it.

Hop-a-flocka playing with the black and red model at the colored banks school. Weighing in at 200 lbs and a couple easy mac dinners, Broc is all that is man. Luckily for him the district is all that is bike, and held up nicely for several of these high impact hoppity hops.

Lil District in the hood.

I love when I give the camera to my friends and they make great art like this. Sean Morr photo.

Tossin the D’s on the purple whip in the sunset. Platt photo LLC.

Platt Modeling LLC. URRRRANGE.

The District lambo. 8 pounds of purple.



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