Colorado Trip Update

Well the trip is nearing a close and it has been a blast. Today Pat and Drew fly out of Denver and I start the drive home with Stevie and Matty. Everyone killed it, we got a lot of good footage out of this one. Drew especially has been putting in some serious work. Thanks to the guys over at Pusher BMX, great scene hanging out was a fun time. Check out photo’s from the past couple days after the jump.

Big crew at Pusher.

My good friend and roommate Catfish was out and hooked it up with announcing the demo.

Drew Hosselton gets wild with a over tooth on the wedge.

T-bog to bar from Stevie.

Catfish donated money out of his own pocket to the winner of footjam.

Mastroni found his denver counterpart. Look at those pants.

Matty took it upon himself to add a few more stickers to this window.

The three stooges.

Mastroni gets creative with stickers.

Grandpa telling the kids storys.

Trouble makers.

Drew getting his footjam whip on at one of the parks we hit.


Mastroni is getting those angles while we hit the streets.

We really gave Pat the full street riding experience.. sitting at a spot while people try their trick for hours and hours.



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