Chillin In AZ Part 2.

As we are already back in California, I’m a little late on this one, time to play catch-up. Flashback to 3 days ago and Bahlman is holding a found TV probably from many years before his parents were born. Check out our last couple days in Arizona below…

It just keeps getting better right? Although Eric didn’t actually take the TV, we did however come up on all these dope coffee mugs and other assorted nic-nacs which were all just scatter around the campus. It was like we robbed someone was setting up a DIY pottery treasure hunt. This is super interesting right? Don’t worry we rode bikes too!

In my mind this is THE Arizona school, perhaps made most popular recently by the likes of Chase D and company. Bahlman actually goes to school here as a matter of fact, and he really felt he needed to show the heavy hitters what was up. Ice ice baby.

I told you he went to school here.

The most almost in the history of almosts. Raban went in hard for a good two hours trying the most epic triple grind wizzard combo using both rails and the ledge, but in the end the ledge was just getting entirely too chunked to grind properly and we had to let it go. 🙁 You may recognize this spot from the two best edits to ever come out, ever…being Drew’s Volume AZ Edit and Broc’s Welcome To Volume Edit. Hit those with a watch again if you’d like.

Here’s another spot that’s been around the block a few times….but just like anything else, the possibilities are endless. In collaboration with all the local Pigeons, Ducks, Mallards, Flamingos, and other assorted bird species, Alex Raban laid down one hell of a clip on this A rail setup.

Bahlman the bird whisperer.

As I said in Part 1, it was insanely cold the entire time we were there. Drew’s house also had no heat. So, to remedy this situation we went out and stole a bunch of pallets, filled up the gas can and had ourselves a good ol fashioned fire. As you can see it was a little outta control…good thing we didn’t burn the damn house down.

Some youngins very happy with their new Volume stickers. These kids got hooked up fat by the Dans Comp guys at one end of this ditch, then by us at the other. Then wouldn’t you know it, we got kicked out by the police…when these little kids and mountain bike enthusiast adults alike ride the ditch at all hours of the day, and we gave kids free stuff. We’re just some criminals huh? On that note, we dipped out to Palm Springs for the night. More update lag tomorrow!



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