Chillin In AZ: Part 1.

Chillin’….literally. Don’t let all these over-saturated photos fool you…It’s f-ing cold here! Who would have thought it ever got below 60 degrees in Arizona…not I that’s for sure. Despite the temperatures outside, the heater in the van works entirely too well and that’s all the motivation we need to keep on keepin’ on. Scroll yourself on down there to follow along with days worth of spots & shenanigans (like this amazing push-teamwork curve wall above) from the likes of Drew Hosselton, Alex Raban, Eric Bahlman, Evil Joey, and Myself. Ruh.

Spot number one, day numero uno. We all wanted to go ride that morning but Drew decided he had a landscaping job for us instead. 300 pound fiberglass satellite dishes for breakfast…no problem! After about a half hour of manual labor moving all these things into place, Drew got it in with a pretty interesting smith grind line to defy the laws of psychics that usually limit said grind length. At different points during our time there the likes of Cory Martinez, Seth Kimbrough, Stew Johnson & the Dans Comp crew, plus Christian, Dennis, Ronnie, & the Markit Crew were all present. BMX in the winter is a small world haha, crazy!

This one was a valiant effort, however all we ended walking away with was a “Great Clips” sign courtesy of Eric Bahlman’s sticky fingers. I’m sure we will get our fill of B-roll involving that for many months to come.

Raban showing his patriotism.

Back here again? Yeah we know, but we just had to show this setup to Raban. Should I give away what he did? Fuck it, (suicide) one handed X-up grind the entire thing. The semi-truck driver who will eventually reverse over this oddly placed rail will never know what kind of super-magical landmark he just squished.

Raban’s finger has an addiction and just chain smokes these things! Nah not really, but he these Chinese acupuncture-esque things heat up and do wonders for his fingers…especially after beefin’ it hard multiple times on that one handed X grind.

It’s not everyday that you pull up to a school and get to watch a blimp take off. Shout out to George Brazil Home Services. Shit if whatever that is can have a blimp…we should have a Volume blimp.

Lines with Bahlman and very close calls with the camera. If we had a blimp I could have just filmed it blimp instead of fish and avoided the protruding ledge to camera proximity much better.

Drew accomplished one hell of what I call a “sausage” grind….but I guess it would be more commonly known as a back peg grind (or a Berringer grind) up and across. Bahlman did absolutely nothing, he was just really happy for Drew.

Shaking hands after an epic staring contest.

I told you we’d use that sign a lot. Great clips on great spots with Mr. Hosselton.



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