Central Coastin’.


For the past 3 days Alex Platt, Drew Hoss, Bahlman, Broc, and Myself have been up north near San Luis Obispo enjoying the beauty of the central coast with Alex Raban, and tearing up all the spots we can. Let’s do this…
When you’re Alex Raban and your long time Dodge Caravan buddy shits the bed, you do not simply just ‘get a new car…’ No in true player fashion Raban scoured the internet in search of his vehicular match made in heaven, a 1978 Toyota Corona. Cheech and I went for a ride in this beast, and at 35 years old it still drives way better than the van. Once Raban gets a roof rack were in bizzz.

Oh yeah lets not forget about Gucci. Bringing our dog along for little trips like this is always great until you have to pedal around somewhere. I mean, it’s still fun you just gotta make sure you’re not mobbing thru traffic and shit. Luckily for us that kinda thing doesn’t really exist up there, so Gucci was in dog heaven.

Bong-man checkin his clip in Cayucos.

As many of you know Raban has been out for a good while now with one of those nagging wrist injuries where it’s not really broken, but one flip over the bars and you’re whole next 3 weeks are ruined. Alex however is smarter than all that and took the necessary time to heal up properly, so after all that I was really excited to be able to film with him again! Night moves Raban definitely showed this neighborhood find rail a thing or two…

The crew deeply involved in some sort of worldstar video…

This ditch, that bowl.

Saw this dude laying in the grass somewhere in SLO. One dread like so insanely long. After this photo he sat up and was picking bugs out his beard…

Broc and Victor are super funny when they get together because they are both the same age, meanwhile we are all in our mid twenties. Needless to say we make fun of them constantly for being little kids, so when we found this random sign while riding a church I had to seize the op.

On that same note, Broc loves McDonalds. Bahlman however may be an even bigger enthusiast as you tell by the way he’s touching Ronald’s leg.

We ended the trip on a great note with sleeper Platt getting 3 awesome clips in one day, which for him is pretty outstanding. Victory spliffs all around…



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